What is a cycle-way Cattle Grid? – more thoughts

Cyclist segregation on the approaches to Bath University – through National Trust (Grazed) Parkland

Sadly this installation has left a strip of concrete (on the right hand edge) a sheep would find both enticing and easy to use to thwart the grid.

They are not only used by mildly eccentric elderly gents!

The main aim is to improve the users experience by avoiding repeatedly dis mounting to open and close gates. They also help to lower the extraordinary high blood pressure experienced by farmers when their stock escape.

An optimum arrangement for all users

What is a cycle-way cattle grid?

Cycle-way cattle grids hugely improve cycling enjoyment on routes with many fences to cross

Ongie Cattle Grids are the brainwave of “laughing” Scott Roberts. An inventive soul with a cruel sense of humour . It is not true that he hates cyclists – allegedly

These useful smaller Cattle Grids do not need to carry the same loads as a vehicle grid. They do need to conform as closely as possible to BS spacing and grid bar ranges. Correct pit depth is vital if stock control is to be effective.

There are some designs which are frankly deadly! One used around Cambridge made from small diameter ridged rods is particularly unattractive.

Can Cattle Grids be used with animals other than Cattle?

One of our grids installed at Chessington Wild Life Experience separating the Rhinos from the Giraffes

Although Cattle Grids refer to cattle they are equally effective controlling other species.

Sheep and goats are routinely controlled in this way.

Deer are more adventurous and will need a grid with a longer length to contain or exclude them.

Last February we received an enquiry to design a Camel Grid for a Gulf State Highways Department.

What is a Catch Pit?

There is a very important distinction between a Cattle Grid and a Catch Pit.

This is a Cattle Grid

Cattle Grids are designed to contain stock and so to miniseries the harm if an animal become trapped in it

Catch Pits look like cattle grids but are designed to capture flood water, running along a road or drive. They should never be used to contain stock as animals could be injured, potentially fatally, by becoming trapped with their legs in the pit.

This is a Catch Pit

Catch Pits are usually shorter in length along the road but much deeper to contain the maximum flows. Depths can exceed the length of an amimal’s leg !